We are a integrated security systems company, with offices in London and Cork (Ireland). We take particular pride in delivering innovative security solutions, at a competitive price, and all backed up with first class service. Our Management Team has over 15 years of experience working on large scale security projects within the UK market, before coming together to establish Texuna Integrated Security Systems.


As a technology company at the heart, we believe that offering more competitively priced solutions, which marry the best hardware devices, with the most powerful software solutions, represents a key opportunity.

The world has changed. The old ways of doing things is no longer appropriate. Particularly when it comes to security. The nature of the threats have evolved, and so too must our defense. Security threats take many forms, and it is why we look to offer our clients a range of latest solutions that are capable of meeting their unique needs.  We believe the mix of skills we bring to the table is relatively unique, and enables us to offer compelling solutions that most of our competitors are unable to offer.