Protecting your property, people and profits in an increasingly unpredictable world can be a difficult balancing act. The security sector is evolving rapidly, in response to constantly emerging threats from a range of sources; from cyber-crime to terrorism. At the same time, regulation is increasing, organisations are getting more complex, and there is a growing need to account for everyone on the move across your estates.  As a result it is more difficult to monitor, to manage and to verify who is where and when.

So how can you minimize risk, maximise operational efficiency, and remain compliant while sustaining a welcoming ambiance across your enterprise? At Texuna, we offer a range of unique solutions tailored to meet your unique needs. From access control to video analytics, we offer discrete solutions that take a holistic view of your requirements. Texuna Integrated Security Systems provide seamlessly integrated solutions for all industries. We work in partnership with our clients, taking projects from the design stage right through to the supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the security system. Our service led approach, married to a focus on delivering competitively priced solutions has led us to win contracts in a host of different industry sectors.


We are extremely committed to delivering the most innovative solutions we can to our clients. The sector is evolving constantly, as hardware and software solutions become more tightly integrated. We are always striving to stay abreast of the latest technologies enabling us to ensure our customers have access to the very best integrated security solutions on the market.


We keep our manufacturer partner list to a minimum, ensuring we only work with the best within each discipline to provide the optimum solution for our clients. Our engineering and design teams are specialists in their fields, and trained to the highest levels on the systems we use.



Whether you need a basic four-door access control, or a complex 400 camera HD surveillance system, we can flex and scale to meet your needs at any stage of the security life-cycle. Whatever your requirements, our services range from; one-off projects, to complete end-to-end integrated security solutions, and from risk-assessment, and design, through to supply, to installation, to commissioning and to maintenance. 


Our IT certified engineers are fully conversant with the latest programming developments plus our systems are all ISO certified to the highest standards. Because the end-user experience is so critical to the success of any system, every installation includes a strong training element, which ultimately improves performance while cutting your long-term costs.